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What’s New?

July 9, 2015


We get asked all the time: “what’s new?” and a couple of times a year we get to unveil our NEW items. Here they are:

Sugar Cube:

Carry your homemade treats to any party safely and in style with the Sugar Cube™ Cake and Cupcake Carrier. The
carrier folds into a box around your treats, eliminating the risk of ruining the decorations! As you use it you can feel the strong lock and sturdy handles working. The best part? The ultra-slim design folds nearly flat for storage.SugarCube_Product3SugarCube_InUse4SugarCube_InUse1

Sweet Sheet:

Simplify your kitchen with the Sweet Sheet™ 3-in-1 Baking Sheets. A baking sheet, silicone mat and
cooling rack in one, we’ve added a grid pattern that helps with spacing too. Half and quarter sheet
available. Sold individually or as a set.

BakingSheet_InUse1 BakingSheet_Front_Small


With a rock of the wrist it’s easy to cut all the pieces you need to make a 3D house or train with the Cookease™ Cookie Cutter and Stencils. After baking use the included stencils to decorate cookies with frosting, sprinkles and
sugars. The finishing touch, assembling with the included icing recipe.

Cookease_House_Product Cookease_House_InUse3 Cookease_House_Cookies

Cookie Stamps:

Create custom cookies for your friends and family with our latest Cookie Stamps™ and the
Cookie Stamp™ XL. Each colorful collection comes with five stamps, a different beach scene,
sweet ride or holiday picture on each one. With a push of the button you’ve got custom designs
everyone will love all year round.


Cookie Machine:

Call it the spritz fix. With the
Cookie Machine™ Cookie Press,making spritz cookies has never been faster. Our unique quickchange latch makes swapping disks easy and the bigger barrel means less time refilling and more time chilling. You that is, not the cookies.



Quick Stick:

Say hello to healthy snacks. The QuickStick™ lets you slice snacks faster and safer than with a knife,
and it’s more fun too. Simply place vegetables in the tube, then press the pusher to slice. Great for
quartering food too.


Scoop Saw:

Use the ScoopSaw™ to cut, clean and cube squash,melons and pumpkins effortlessly. The saw’s angled edge
pierces tough outer skins, the scoop’s angled edge cleans inside easily. Pieces nest together for safe,
convenient storage.


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