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Gastropod: AD Awesome Restaurant Review

January 6, 2014


Name of restaurant – Gastropod + Epic Ales

Why is it awesome? – Tiny, obscure restaurant and brew house in the middle of nowhere (in the restaurant world at least). The chef cooks everything in a convection over and/or on a hot plate. The results will amaze you. And the beers, wow. Not much of a beer guy (beyond Rainer), but the variety was tasty and incredibly unique.

What was the best dish/bite – The Okonomiyaki blew us away. It featured carrot, cabbage, onion with wild steel head lox, pickled avocado, fennel and shishito pepper kewpie. Try to combine all that and make it work. And the duck breast prosciutto, espresso French toast and quail egg? Amazing. For beers, try the Solar Trans Amplifier. EXACTLY what a beer should be.

Anything else you want to say – If you can sneak in here, do it. The perfect balance of great hand crafted beers and a rotating menu that satisfies any taste buds that are even remotely discerning and you’re in for a treat.

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